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High-Tech logistics

Fast-track your growth and unlock value in your supply chain with our high-tech logistics services.

Does your business manufacture consumer electronics, telecommunications devices,
computer equipment, or other high-tech products? Do you need help reducing your
inventory, lowering distribution costs, and launching new products?

The supply chains for high-tech goods can be complicated and spread across multiple regions. You’re looking for a partner you can rely on to streamline your end-to-end processes across all transport modes while increasing visibility in your supply chain.

We have dedicated services ready to support you:

  • International transportation - Benefit from our international transportation services, including intermodal and multimodal services, that enable you to achieve your delivery requirements at the best cost. 
  •  Trade compliance and brokerage - We make sure you’re fully compliant with all local and international regulations and perform customs brokerage from local teams situated in offices across the globe.
  •  Security - Since high tech products are a high risk for theft, we have established KNSecureChain security processes in line with ISO 28001 and governmental security regulations, which reduces the risk exposure of your goods throughout the transport cycle.
  • Manufacturing Support and Supply Logistics - Using automated replenishment processes, we manage your flow of goods and information from supplier to manufacturer. Enjoy full visibility of your goods, down to the part number.
  • Warehouse Management - Only pay for space and services you need in a shared warehouse, or design your own dedicated facility to your exact standards. Our experts assist you with customization, kitting, inspection, and light assembly, as well as the management of electrostatic discharge (ESD) requirements.
  • Distribution - Take advantage of our multi-mode, non-asset-based transportation management service for inbound and outbound shipments, including time-specific and customer appointment deliveries. Save time and gain focus by outsourcing your carrier selection and management to us.
  • Aftermarket Services - Our reverse logistics initiatives recapture value by efficiently reusing products and materials. Kuehne+Nagel provides support for the post-installation requirements of your customers, including critical spare parts replenishment programs.

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