Graduate Testimonials:

“If you want to work in an overly sterilised environment where others coddle and hand-hold your development, then Kuehne + Nagel is the wrong company for you. Here, you are right in the deep of things from Day 1, handling responsibilities and expected to perform to your best of your ability. Even so, you will never walk alone, as your colleagues and mentors guide you extensively along the way. Support comes easy here in Kuehne + Nagel, be it from your batch mates, co-workers, or bosses. You are the driver for your own growth, and the Graduate Program provides you with tremendous opportunities to develop your skills through challenging projects, a multitude of training opportunities, and your own day-to-day tasks. The best thing about this program though, is the ability to interact with colleagues of different nationalities that provide you with a global outlook in your work. Kuehne + Nagel is more than the sum of its parts, and most importantly, you can be a part of it.”

Lim Kai Chin

Contract Logistics Associate
Kuehne + Nagel Graduate Program

“As a graduate in Kuehne + Nagel, I am exposed to various learning opportunities, both within and beyond my own Business unit. I am able to welcome challenges with open arms because I know I am never alone- my mentors are always willing to guide me along. These challenges also serve as opportunities for me to grow and stretch my potential, preparing me for a career in the industry.”

Siti Aisyah Binte Aziz Rahman

Seafreight Associate
Kuehne + Nagel Graduate Program

Employee Testimonials:

“I would like to start with a quote which I came across early at the start of my career: ‘In the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts; it’s the life in those years.’ 

Being engaged in various Kuehne + Nagel’s training and exchange programs, have given me ample opportunities to be in different countries. Besides gaining invaluable life experiences, it has connected me with the quote.

Engaging and interacting with friends from all walks of life and learning from them were also instrumental in making my career in this company a deeply fulfilling one.

I have learnt that there’s nothing stopping us from achieving what life has to offer, the sky’s the limit and the only thing that’s restricting us is our self-belief. So, never settle, always stay hungry and curious.”

Chen Jun Ren

General Manager - Oil & Gas Projects
Kuehne + Nagel Global Talent Program

“To start with an 'End in Mind'. This is a crucial attribute for every employee to succeed. Kuehne + Nagel knows that we must have the best talents to get ahead in the highly-competitive and VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) global economy. Comprehending the need to hire, develop and retain talents - we manage talent as a critical resource to achieve the best possible results. Know ourselves, tap on our strengths and pursue continuous improvement for the best achievement in life.” 

Kelly Loke

National Operations Manager - Oil & Gas Projects
Kuehne + Nagel Regional Talent Program

“Kuehne + Nagel is a highly driven organisation that is committed to the development of its talent pool as much as to the company performance; never satisfied with the status quo and constantly striving for the next breakthrough.

In my short 5 years with Kuehne + Nagel, I've had the opportunity to attend the Young Logistics Leaders course, Leadership training Program and the rigorous Regional Talent Program, which spans across 2 years, amongst others.

If you aspire to be part of an Industry leading organisation and have the hunger for constant growth and development opportunities, Kuehne + Nagel is the place for you.”

Shaun Chua

Seafreight Pricing & Procurement Manager
Kuehne + Nagel Regional Talent Program

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