Kuehne + Nagel has 82,000 employees worldwide in over 100 countries. Our Human Resources play a decisive role in attracting and retaining these talents while creating an environment that drives performance.

To be part of HR, you need to be dedicated, dynamic and constantly be thinking out of the box.

Key Program Elements:

  • You will be in placements covering 4 key areas:
    -          HR Operations, Process Excellence and Management of HR Shared Services.
    -          Recruitment and Selection with a focus on Employer Branding.
    -          Compensation and Benefits.
    -          People & Organisational Development, with the main pillars in Learning & Development and Talent Management.
  • Undergo 4 exchange sessions with management of different Business Units to understand operations first hand, discuss the realities of our current business, gain insights on future business trends and solutions.
  • Forwarder Certification Upon Program Completion
  • Mentor & Peer Coaching
  • Bi-Annual 360 Feedback and Assessment Reviews.


Where can the program bring me?

Our HR graduate can expect to have a robust understanding of both specialist and generalist functions, and to be accountable to a small function for the full delivery of HR responsibilities. We will continuously support and bridge any skill gaps as you transition into your first role post program.

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